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About Tom's Pest Control Canberra

Have you been looking for an experienced and best company that provides a pest control treatment which is best value for money? You can always go for pest control in Canberra with Tom’s Pest Control.

Here at Tom's Pest Control Canberra, we take a personal approach to all pest control solutions and pest control services. We always work closely with Canberra home-owners and businesses alike to provide reliable and best quality pest treatment and pest prevention programs. We give following services
.• Ant Pest Control
• Flea Treatment
• Termite Control
• Mosquito Pest Control
• Borer Pest Control
• Cockroach Control
• Bed Bugs Treatment
• Possum Removal Service
• Spider Control Treatment
• Bird Control
• Fly control

What Makes Our Service Unique Having been in this industry for so many years, Tom’s Pest Control understands what exactly our customers require to keep their home pest-free. Call us now on (02) 6140 7274.

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Suite 190, M Centre 11 Palmerston Lane